The Essentis Biohotel Berlin

and the Degree Program on Managerial and Cultural Studies

at the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz

have organized the


International Arts- and Philosophy Contest

on “The Meaning and Beauty of World-Love.”


The modern world has reduced love to either private/romantic or abstract-religious spheres.

Prominent artists, philosophers, and Scientists, however, recognize love as the fundamental energy

and inspiration out of which the Good, the True, and the Beautiful originated.

This dimension of love is cultural, social and ecological.

How can we shape this third dimension of love anew for the 21st century?


Contestants are invited to submit works of fine and performing arts,

literature, and philosophy in German or English.


A selection of the entries to the contest will be exhibited during the 2nd philosophy festival of love

(see also in September 2015 in Berlin.

Potentially a permanent exhibition or gallery with this main focus could emerge from this.


There are the following awards:

     1.     500 €

     2.     300 €

     3.     200 €

 The 7.-10. awards are books from the Herder Publishing House (Thanks so much for the support!)


Please send your contest contributions by July 31st to:

Bewusst-Sein e.V., Dr. Maik Hosang

Pommritz 1, D-02627 Hochkirch


In addition, send a digital version or view of the contributions

in advance by email to:

If you are sending videos, etc. you may send them

by a link to cloud storage (Youtube, Onedrive, Dropbox etc.).


Click here for the terms and conditions for the contest.